While glass ionomers continue to evolve, there remains a strong rift between supporters of traditional glass iono- mer compositions and those promoting resin modified compositions. Fracture resistance of teeth with bonded amalgams. I t was concl uded t h a t s t a bi l i t y of t he sur gi cal l y gai ned CAL was. Maynor GB, Wilder RS, Mitchell SC, Moriarty. It is not possible to hypothesize that this study is truly representa- tive of the general population of Saudi Arabia, because the determination of disease prevalence was performed on a population specifically referred for treatment of disease. Although some patients required mainte- nance treatment, the soft-lining material outlasted the acrylic teeth in many cases, and occlusal wear was the most commonly cited reason for replacement. Tyas, 24 i n a s t udy wi t h Te nur e adhe- sive, r e por t e d 11 f ai l ur e at 3 year. The current epi demi ol ogi c pi ct ure of dent al caries illus- t rat es t hat t he risk of occlusal caries has ext ended into t he late- and post -t eenage years. J Clin Period- ontol 1994;21:562. Order your copi es of the Gl ossary today! Thi s t echni que has gr eat a dva nt a ge because i t can pr oduce at omi c r esol u- t. Elution of leachable components from composites. MOB al so r es ul t ed i n mor e l oss of CAL i n mol ar t eet h, a nd mobi l. Mitra SB, Kedrowski. In most cases, nomenclature is proposed to clarify complicated sit- uations.

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Chappell RP, Eick. Disclusion time measurement studies: a comparison of disclusion time between chronic myofascial pain dusfunction patients and nonpatients: a population analysis. Vargas MA, Danehy GE, Ratananakin. This study 327 investigated the qualitative nature of the mandibular cur- ing distortion and quantified the changes that occurred. Predictions were confirmed that the human mandibular condyles are load-bearing, with greater force magnitudes transmitted bilaterally during intercuspal and incisal clenching and through the balancing-side articulation during unilateral biting. Vertical, horizontal and com- bined vertical and horizontal periodontal defects. Hefti AF, Eshenaur AE, Hassell TM, Stone. 146 Al l pa - t i e nt s r ef er r ed t o a nd gi ven pe r i odont. Int J Prosthodont 1994;71234-8. One study on clinical findings related to morphologic changes in TMJ autopsy specimens found that the association between pain and dysfunction and joint morphology is complex, and gross morphologic alterations can be present in the absence of TMJ pain and dysfunction. This suggests t hat the clinician may not need to be afraid of changing vertical dimension when abraded teeth are to be restored.

of amal gam and t oxi ci t y issues in an el egant article. Ther e was some unusual emphasi s in t he l i t erat ure t hi s year. There was no deleterious effect on cement strength at low levels. These problems have caused frequent neglect of the institutionalized or hospitalized patient. Krogh PHJ, Worthington P, Davis WH, Keller. Int J Periodont Restor Dent 1994;14:525-35. The use of soft denture liners is an important adjunct in the treatment of complete and partial denture patients. Surface roughness of two polished ceramic ma- terials. Enhancing the effect of oral hygiene with the use of a foam brush with chlorhexidine. Taylor DF, Bayne SC, Leinfelder KF, Davis S, Koch. 12 Ten HA and 12 TPS implants were grafted with dfdba, covered with gtam, and the flap coronally positioned for primary clo- sure in 20 patients. Occlusal dental caries incidence and implications for sealant programs.S.

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Systemically administered antibiotics were assessed in 20 patients with periodontal abscesses. In many cases, the use of thickening agents or multiple coats of dentin bonding agent seem to produce much stronger den- tin bonding. 79 Aa was present in 40 of the samples taken before treat- ment and 23 taken after. There was little difference of flu- oride level between vital and noavital teeth. Anot her pat i ent issue cont i nued t o be s ympt oms of some pat i ent s t ha t were bl amed on dent al amal gam rest orat i ons. This approach does not solve the problem of limited interocclusal distance, and re- quires a minimum.7 mm from the top of the implant to the top of the gold cylinder. The sorption and solubility of 12 soft denture liners was evaluated. Self-reports of pain and quality of life were recorded on 100 mm visual analogue and five-point category scales from one group of 19 nocturnal bruxers and 61 patients with myofascial pain of the masticatory mus- cles with no evidence of bruxism. Ear, nose and throat symptoms in patients with TMD: the association of symptoms according to severity of arthropathy. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 1994;9:179-83. Sarrett DC, Ray. 236 l ooked at mi cr ol eakage ver sus bond s t r e ngt h a nd con- cl uded t h a t as one a ppr. The re- 8 8 VOL UME 74 1 jendresen ET AL THE journal OF prosthetenti stry sults of this analysis indicated that these stresses would be significantly lower than the yield stress for a commonly used polymethyl methacrylate resin or a light-polymerized resin.